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How do I change my preferences in the GALILEO toolbar?


Users have several options available in the GALILEO toolbar. Click the “GALILEO Toolbar” dropdown menu (on the left end of the toolbar) and select “LibX Preferences” to make changes. Here are some preferences that you can change:

  • choose to display results in the same tab, a new tab, or a new window
  • turn on support for CiteULike, which will display an icon in the browser URL bar for posting
  • choose which resources (e.g., search EBSCO, search a library catalog, etc.) will appear in the right-click menu when text or a standard number, such as an ISBN, ISSN, PMID, or DOI, is highlighted
  • choose which search options (e.g., search for keyword, search for title, etc) will appear on the right-click menu

For further information, see other GALILEO Toolbar FAQs.

If you have additional questions, please us the GALILEO Contact Us form.


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Last Updated: Mon, January 25, 2010 - 4:40:20