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Citation Guidelines for GALILEO Resources

Examples of citations using popular style manuals, along with links to websites that can help you in compiling your bibliography or works cited page, are included below. Keep in mind that the purpose of a citation is to allow a reader to retrace the author’s research. To that end, a citation should be complete; more information is better than too little. For more in-depth and varied citation examples and to ensure accordance with the citation style you are using, please consult the most recent edition of the APA, MLA, Turabian, or other style manual available.

Other Resources

APA (American Psychological Association) Format

Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed., 2010.

APA Style Web Site

Full-Text Articles

According to section 6.32, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), when available, is the preferred reference for most closely identifying the electronic location of an article. DOIs are typically found in citation information of articles in electronic databases. In the absence of a DOI, APA recommends using the home page URL of the journal or of the book or report publisher. If accessing the article through a GALILEO database, this will require a quick web search to locate the URL of the journal or the publisher.

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (year). Title of article. Title of
     Periodical, xx, pp-pp. doi or retrieval URL

Journal article with DOI:

Herbst-Damm, K. L., & Kulik, J. A. (2005). Volunteer support, marital status, and
     the survival times of terminally ill patients. Health Psychology, 24, 225-229.

Journal article without DOI:

Silllick, T. J., & Schutte, N. S. (2006). Emotional intelligence and self-esteem mediate
      between perceived early parental love and adult happiness. E-Journal of Applied
      Psychology, 2(2), 38-48. Retrieved from

Government Document

Main government agency that released article. (year). Title of work. (Report No. xxxxx). 
     Retrieved from Agency name website: http://www.xxxxxxxxxx

According to section 7.03, reports that have been retrieved online should include the publisher as part of the retrieval statement unless the publisher has been identified as the author.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health,
     National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. (2003). Managing asthma: A guide
     for schools (NIH Publication No. 02-2650). Retrieved from http://www.nhlbi

Audiovisual Media

According to section 7.07, audiovisual media include motion pictures; audio or television broadcasts (including podcasts); and static objects such as maps, artwork, or photos. Note that some titles should be capitalized, such as titles of motion pictures, albums, or television series. Please check manual for additional, specific examples of format for motion picture, music recording, podcast, and others.

Artist, A. A., (Artist) & Contributor, C. C. (Contributor). (Year). Title of work [Media
     type]. Retrieved from http://www.xxxxxxxxxx
Lewis County Geographic Information Services. (Cartographer). (2002).
     Population density, 2000 U.S. Census [Demographic map]. Retrieved from


MLA (Modern Language Association) Format

Based on the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed., 2009.

The manual makes a distinction between works cited only on the Web (section 5.6.b) and works cited with print publication information (section 5.6.c). The example below is for an item cited with print publication data as many GALILEO databases include digitized items that have also appeared in print. See sections 5.6 and 5.7 for additional examples. Generally, use the print guidelines for a citation, but instead of using Print as the medium of publication, include the title of the database (italicized), medium of publication (Web), and the date of access.

Full-Text Articles

Author’s name."Title of Article." Name of the Periodical
     [volume number].[issue number] (Date of publication): pp-pp.
     Title of database. Web. Date of access (day month year).
Tolson, Nancy. "Making Books Available: The Role of Early Libraries, 
     Librarians, and Booksellers in the Promotion of African American
     Children's Literature." African American Review 32.1 (1998): 9-16.
     Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 Sept. 2009.

Government Documents

Name of Government. Name of Department. Name of Agency.
     Title of Work. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year. 
     Title of database. Web. Date of access (day month. year).
Georgia. Department of Community Affairs. Office of Economic
     Development. Economic Development Finance Programs.
     Atlanta, GA: Georgia Department of Community Affairs, 2008.
     Georgia Government Publications. Web. 15 Sept. 2009. 

Graphics & Media

A Work of Visual Art

Artist’s Name (if available). Title of Image (or use quotation marks
     if part of a larger work). Year. Media Type. Institution that
     houses item, City (or Private collection if not known). Title of
     database. Web. Date of access (day month. year).
Delano, Jack. [Photograph of African-American child in his home,
     Greene County, Georgia, 1941 June]. 1941. Photograph. Georgia
     Archives, Morrow, GA. Digital Library of Georgia. Web.
     15 Sept. 2009.

A Map or Chart

Author’s name (if available). Title. Media Type. Place of Publication:
     Publisher, Year. Title of database. Web. Date of access 
     (day month. year).
Georgia. Map. Santa Barbara, CA: MAGELLAN Geographix, 1996. 
     SIRS Researcher. Web. 15 Sept. 2009.


Turabian Format

Based on Kate Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th ed., 2007.

Full-Text Articles

Author’s name. Year. Article title. Journal Title, volume, no. x
     [month or season]: pp-pp. URL for article (accessed date).
Liss, Neil J. 2003. "What we talk about when we talk about social studies."
     Social Studies, 94, no. 6 [November/December]: 245-250.
     (accessed September 15, 2009).

Government Documents

Name of Government (country, state, city,etc.). Name of Government Body 
     (department, board, commission, etc.). Year. Document Title.
     Individual Author (if given). Report number. Place of Publication:
     Publisher. URL for article (accessed date).
Georgia. Georgia Department of Natural Resources. 2001. Geology of Oligocene,
     Miocene, and Younger Deposits in the Coastal Area of Georgia.  Robert E.
     Weems and Lucy E. Edwards. Bulletin 131. Atlanta, GA: Georgia Department of
     Natural Resources.
     (accessed September 15, 2009).


Author’s name (if available). Year (or n.d. if no date). "Title of Work."
     Name of Site. File type. URL for article (accessed date).
"Coral Reef Animals: The Parrotfish." n.d. Encyclopædia Britannica Online 
     School Edition. MPEG-4 video file. 
     (accessed September 15, 2009).