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Scholar Interface Video Tutorials

  • Finding Journals in GALILEO Finding Journals in GALILEO
    A short overview of the GALILEO Scholar interface that introduces search options and other features for finding articles and journals.
  • Find a Specific Article Find a Specific Article
    Tutorial for finding articles in GALILEO when you have a specific citation.

K-12 Videos

  • Georgia Performance Standards and GALILEO Georgia Performance Standards and GALILEO
    Digital content in GALILEO supports GPS across grades and subjects. This tutorial gives an overview of K-12 resources that include correlation to state standards.
  • Lexile Range Features in GALILEO Resources Lexile Range Features in GALILEO Resources
    This overview looks at GALILEO databases that include books and articles with assigned Lexile scores. A Lexile is a standard score that matches a student's reading ability with difficulty of reading material.

Other Videos

  • GALILEO Behind the Scenes GALILEO Behind the Scenes
    A brief look at the technology decisions underlying the GALILEO website.
  • Using the GALILEO Toolbar Using the GALILEO Toolbar
    The GALILEO Toolbar lets you search for articles and other content in GALILEO resources, as well as titles in your library catalog right from your browser. This tutorial describes how to download and use the GALILEO Toolbar.
  • Bibliography Tools in GALILEO Bibliography Tools in GALILEO
    A look at the tools in GALILEO databases that help you create citations and build bibliographies.
  • GALILEO Tutorial
    This tutorial from the OLLC walks you through GALILEO. What it is, what’s in it, how to navigate it and how to search it to find what you need.

  • Online Library Learning Center (OLLC)
    A series of self-paced tutorials guiding the user through the steps in doing a research project. The OLLC was designed for use as a bibliographic instruction unit for University System of Georgia students.