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How can GoView faculty access and use GALILEO content in their courses? 2017-08-07
How do I find information about new and deleted titles in Films on Demand? 2017-08-07
How do I find out about new, updated or deleted titles in GALILEO eBook databases? 2017-08-07
How do I create a search box for Consumer Reports for my library site? 2017-08-04
How do I view eBooks my mobile device? 2015-12-15
How do I view ebrary eBooks my mobile device? 2015-12-14
How do I view EBSCO eBooks on my mobile device? 2015-08-28
Why am I unable to access Searchasaurus? 2015-06-15
How do I add a LibGuide in a Brightspace (D2L) course? 2015-05-06
How do I insert Films on Demand videos into my Brightspace (D2L) course? 2015-04-28
How do I create a search box for SIRS Issues Researcher for my library site? 2015-03-09
What is the branding policy for Discover GALILEO? 2015-03-06
Can I add links to GALILEO in Follett Destiny? 2014-04-18
How do I add a GALILEO search box to my library’s website? 2014-03-03
How do I add a link to a Films on Demand video to my Desire2Learn (D2L) course? 2014-02-26
Why can’t I view an embedded content in Desire2Learn (D2L)? 2014-02-25
How do I create a search box for SIRS Discoverer for my library site? 2013-12-20
What is the Teacher School Code to Create My “My Britannica” Account? 2013-11-13
What are the ADA Accessibility Statements for GALILEO vendors? 2013-10-22
What titles are in the EBSCO eBook Academic Collection? 2013-10-22
How do I add a GALILEO bookmark to my iPhone or iPad Home Screen? 2013-09-27
Why isn’t Kids Search on the new GALILEO Elementary page? 2013-09-26
How do I go directly to GALILEO Elementary or GALILEO Teen? 2013-09-24
I’m getting a blue screen when I click the permalink I saved. How do I get to the article? 2013-04-15
How do I see my active GLRI records? 2013-03-07
How do I save or print an article from the Georgia historical newspapers? 2013-02-08
How do I add a Credo search box to my library site? 2012-12-06
Is ProQuest included in Discover GALILEO? 2012-11-16
How do I create a search box for ProQuest for my library site? 2012-11-16
Why am I getting an Authentication Error Code 108 when trying to use Discover GALILEO? 2012-11-16
Can we get MARC records for Films on Demand for my technical college? 2012-10-31
How do I narrow my search results in Discover GALILEO? 2012-10-30
How does EBSCO determine relevance? 2012-10-22
I keep getting a security warning when I try to use Discover GALILEO. How do I stop this? 2012-08-15
Content: What is in Discover GALILEO / EBSCO Discovery? 2012-07-30
When will my library’s catalog be included in the Discovery search? 2012-07-30
When will I be able to customize the Discovery search? 2012-07-30
When will my library’s local resources be included in the Discovery search? 2012-07-30
My library is using another discovery service; what does that mean for me? 2012-07-30
Why do I get a message telling me that a field is invalid when I try to save a GLRI record? 2012-06-11
Why can’t I view this ebook? 2012-05-23
How do I create a search box for Britannica for my library site? 2012-04-13
Why is the change I made in GLRI not appearing? 2012-02-22
How do I log in to the GLRI system? 2012-02-22
How do I edit a GLRI record? 2012-02-22
How do I add a new GLRI record? 2012-02-22
What do fields on each of the tabs of a GLRI record do? 2011-12-29
What devices are supported for eBooks on EBSCOhost download? 2011-09-29
How can I create buttons to link to databases on my library site? 2011-08-05
How do I get statistics for eBooks at EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary)? 2011-08-01
How can I view and Download ebooks in eBooks at EBSCOhost? 2011-07-29
What happened to my NetLibrary? 2011-07-28
Is GALILEO available on mobile devices? 2011-07-28
When are GALILEO usage statistics available? 2011-07-06
Why is GALILEO asking me to log in as another institution? 2011-03-04
Why am I having problems exporting citations to RefWorks or EndNote? 2010-11-18
Why can’t I print from WestLaw Campus Reseach? 2010-11-18
Why am I having problems streaming Films on Demand Videos? 2010-11-18
How do I use the EBSCOhost search box widget? 2010-08-16
Can I donate a program to the African American Funerals Program? 2010-03-31
Why am I having problems accessing DjVu files for newspapers and other images? 2010-02-08
How can we add the databases available to us through GALILEO to Follett’s One Search? 2010-02-05
How do I get a password? 2010-02-02
When does my GALILEO password change? 2010-01-31
How can librarians and media specialists be notified of GALILEO password changes? 2010-01-31
Who has GALILEO access? 2010-01-31
When I click “Automatically log in as [Public Library Name],” how does GALILEO know my library? 2010-01-31
Why are there multiple options for full text for some journals? 2010-01-25
What can I do in GALILEO? 2010-01-21
What is Metadata? 2010-01-21
What eBooks on EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary) collections does my library subscribe to? 2010-01-21
Starting Your Research 2010-01-21
How do I find an article? 2010-01-21
What is a database? 2010-01-21
What do the codes on my usage statistics reports mean? 2010-01-21
How do I find books or journals in a library? 2010-01-21
What is a magazine? 2010-01-21
What is a Journal? 2010-01-21
What databases do I have access to? 2010-01-21
How will Find It (SFX) benefit my library? 2010-01-21
How do I find a scholarly or peer-reviewed article? 2010-01-21
How do I sign up for the GALILEO mailing list? 2010-01-21
How do I find a picture? 2010-01-20
How do I download eBooks at EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary) MARC records into my OPAC? 2010-01-20
How do I connect to a GALILEO online training session? 2010-01-20
How do I cite articles I found through GALILEO? 2010-01-20
How do I choose a database? 2010-01-20
How do I access Guest resources in GALILEO? 2010-01-20
How do I access GALILEO usage reports? 2010-01-20
How can I request training for my school, library, or other group? 2010-01-20
How can I find a list of all journals in GALILEO? 2010-01-20
How can I create persistent links to specific articles or journals? 2010-01-20
Can our local library resources be configured within SFX Find It? 2010-01-20
Can libraries customize their GALILEO toolbar? 2010-01-20
Can I use pictures from Vanishing Georgia on my web page or in a publication? 2010-01-20
Can I print a results list from the GALILEO Search result page? 2010-01-20
Can I add locally-purchased databases to my institution’s GALILEO menu? 2010-01-20
Are there Lexiles in GALILEO? 2010-01-20
Are CEUs awarded for participation in a GALILEO training? 2010-01-20
What is an Express Link? 2010-01-20