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Can I be alerted by e-mail when new results for a specific search are added to a database?

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How do I create a search alert?


Many databases offer search alerts, a feature that allows users to be notified by e-mail when new results for a specific search have been added to a database. You can set search alerts in databases by the following vendors or in the following databases:



To set up a search alert:

  1. Conduct a search.
  2. Click the “Alert / Save / Share” link in the upper right.
  3. Click “Create an alert.”
  4. If you have not already logged in to your personal account, you will be prompted to sign in. Enter your user name and password, or create a new account by clicking on the “I’m A New User” link.
  5. The “Create or Edit Saved Searches” screen appears.
  6. Complete the information form to indicate the name and description of the search
  7. Click the “Alert” radial button.”
  8. Select how often the search will run, how recent the included articles should be, and the alert’s duration.
  9. Choose the brief or detailed citation format for the alert.
  10. Choose whether or not to limit EBSCOhost access to only those articles sent with the alert.
  11. Click the “Email all alerts and notices” radial button and enter the e-mail address(es) for delivery of your alert results with a semicolon between multiple addresses.
  12. Enter the subject line for the alert e-mail notification.
  13. Enter a title for the alert. (Defaults to: EBSCOhost Alert Notification.)
  14. Enter an e-mail address for the alert to come from, to alert the recipient.
  15. Select your preferred e-mail format. (Plain Text or HTML).
  16. Choose whether to include the query string and/or frequency information in the alert e-mail.
  17. Click “Save.”


To set up a search alert:

  1. Conduct a search in either the “Basic” or “Advanced” search screen.
  2. Click the “Set up alert” button.
  3. Choose your settings in the “Set up alert” window.
  4. Click “Save.”

Handout: Creating Search and Journal Alerts in ProQuest

If you use an RSS feed aggregator, or feed reader, please note the orange RSS icons in EBSCO and ProQuest databases that will allow you to receive these updates through your reader.

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