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Can libraries customize their GALILEO toolbar?


Yes, each institution is welcome to request changes to the toolbar for that institution. However, because the toolbar is provided through the LibX project, there are some limitations to what GALILEO staff can change for libraries. Generally, libraries are able to choose which resources appear in the list of links in the left dropdown menu (the Left Links Menu) and in the searches listed in the right dropdown menu (Right Search Menu) as well as the order in which those resources appear. The following is a summary of options for customizing your institution’s GALILEO toolbar.

Libraries can request the following customizations:

Links Menu

  • add or remove Express Links to databases, including GLRI databases
  • change the order of Express Links
  • add or remove links to the library site, Ask-a-Librarian pages, subject guides, etc.
  • change the institution’s abbreviation

Search Menu Options

  • add or remove catalogs or database searches
  • change the order of searches
  • change the text of the search link in the dropdown menu

The following cannot be changed:

  • GALILEO logos
  • link to the GALILEO homepage
  • placement of functions on the toolbar
  • branding of the toolbar

GALILEO staff will maintain the toolbars for all institutions and make any changes requested by libraries. However, if someone in your library would like to make changes for your institution, GALILEO staff can share ownership of the toolbar and provide access to the administration account for the toolbar enabling a library staff member to make changes as desired. Please make this request through the GALILEO Contact Us form.

For further information, see other GALILEO Toolbar FAQs.

If you have additional questions, please us the GALILEO Contact Us form.


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