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Can the GALILEO instance of EZproxy be used to provide remote access to local databases?


In order to provide seamless remote access to Find It (SFX) links, GALILEO implemented separate instances of EZproxy for each of the GALILEO institutions (over 400). Although the potential exists to utilize these instances of EZproxy for other purposes in the future, including the proxying of GALILEO and locally-purchased database searching, such uses are outside the capacity of the current implementation to support; therefore, at this time, the GALILEO hosted-EZproxy instances can be used only to provide remote access for Find It (SFX) links. Individual campuses may want to explore a locally-hosted instance of the EZproxy software. For more information about EZproxy, please visit the OCLC EZProxy product page.


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Last Updated: Wed, February 22, 2012 - 9:23:53