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How can GoView faculty access and use GALILEO content in their courses?

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Is there a GoView GALILEO page?
How do I know if I am allowed to use an article retrieved via GALILEO in a GoView D2L course?


Georgia Online Virtual Instruction Enterprise Wide (GoVIEW) is a learning management system for online collaborative programs offered by University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. GoVIEW Brightspace by D2L is used to deliver courses online to students throughout the University System of Georgia.

GALILEO Access for GoView Faculty
University System of Georgia faculty teaching GoVIEW classes should use the version of GALILEO that is available via GoView for course readings and student research.

Faculty and students are automatically authenticated into GALILEO when they log into their GoView Brightspace D2L instance, so there is no need to remember a GALILEO password.

If the GALILEO password for the GoView GALILEO page is needed, please contact GALILEO Support Services using this online form.

Finding and Adding Content with EBSCO Curriculum Builder in D2L
Accessing and adding GoView GALILEO content to your GoView D2L course is easily done using EBSCO Curriculum Builder to create class reading lists.

EBSCO Curriculum Builder
All GoVIEW D2L accounts are equipped with an easy to use external application called EBSCO Curriculum Builder. Faculty use Curriculum Builder to search for vendor content and create lists of full text items that include links for students to access those articles easily via D2L.
Faculty will find a helpful video tutorial for EBSCO Curriculum Builder here.

Content From Local Databases on GoView
It is strongly recommended that GoView faculty limit their course readings to material available via the GoView GALILEO account, since this content has been licensed for use statewide. Items retrieved from “local databases” (databases that are not provided directly by GALILEO, including cost share resources) may not have been licensed for use in GeorgiaView courses. University System of Georgia Copyright Policy provides guiding information about the use of copyrighted materials, and many libraries appoint a librarian to work with faculty to answer questions about Fair Use and Copyright. University counsel may also be a helpful resource.

Do you still have questions about GALILEO resources or EBSCO Curriculum Builder in GoView courses?
Contact GALILEO Support. GALILEO Support staff may refer you to the appropriate USG department or vendor as needed, but we will gladly assist.


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