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How can librarians and media specialists be notified of GALILEO password changes?

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How do authorized individuals sign up for GALILEO password notifications? How can I receive my GALILEO password by e-mail?


GALILEO distributes passwords by e-mail to designated contacts at each institution. At colleges, universities, technical institutes, and public libraries, these contacts are library directors and any additional faculty and staff designated by these directors. Media center staff serve as GALILEO’s password contacts at K-12 schools. GALILEO does not give passwords directly to students, library patrons, or other faculty or staff.

GALILEO password contacts whose e-mail addresses change should report these changes to GALILEO Support Services, and library directors or their designees should inform GALILEO when password recipients leave their institutions or new recipients should be added. All K-12 media center staff may submit their e-mail addresses to receive passwords. Please use GALILEO’s Contact Us feature to request these additions or changes.

See the GALILEO Access Policies and Information page for more information about GALILEO passwords.


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