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How do I add a LibGuide in a Brightspace (D2L) course?

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How do I add a link to a LibGuide in D2L?


A course- or subject-specific LibGuide or a link to your library’s LibGuides can be added in a D2L course by an instructor (or a library staff member with instructor permissions) using the Quicklink feature.

  1. Go to Edit Course > Course Builder

  2. Under the Add Content section, choose the “Create a link” icon

  3. Choose the module and then the URL > option

  4. Paste your library guide URL into the Quicklink box and choose a name for your link Quicklink

  5. The new link will appear in the module… course link

  6. and allow students to access the guide guide

Thank you to Georgia Highlands College Library for permission to use these instructions from their Embedded Librarians LibGuide.


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