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How do I add GALILEO provided eBook MARC records into my OPAC?

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Are MARC records available for eBooks at EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary) Collection 1, 2, and 9? Are MARC records available for EBSCO eBooks Collections available to download? Are MARC records available for Ebook Central eBooks Collections available to download?


ProQuest Ebook Central

Ebook Central MARC records are available through LibCentral. In order to access LibCentral, you will need to request an account by emailing

Once you have received credentials, you can download MARC records by following these steps:

  1. Go to LibCentral (Ebook Support should provided a link)
  2. Log into LibCentral using the credentials you received from Ebook Support
  3. Select ‘MARC Updates’ from the ‘Collections’ menu
  4. Click the ‘Download’ link in the row with the latest date stamp

You can read more about this in the ProQuest Support Center.


MARC records for EBSCO eBook Collections are available through OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager. You will need to set up access to OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager service. Steps for how to do this are available on the EBSCO Support Site, here. You will be able to download MARC records for both collections you get through GALILEO, but also those you have purchased locally.

The collections you receive through GALILEO are:

  • eBook Academic Collection
  • eBook Community College Collection
  • eBook High School Collection
  • eBook K-8 Collection
  • eBook Public Library Collection

EBSCO NetLibrary Collections

You can download the MARC records for the first, second, and ninth eBooks at EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary) collection from the UGA Libraries’ FTP server at Follow these directions to download the MARC records:

  1. Go to the NetLibrary folder of the University of Georgia Library FTP server at
  2. Download the records for the first collection in one of two ways: as a couple of large files or many small ones. To download the records in only two files, you’ll need the “netlibrary.mrc” file from the “pub” directory (about 21 mb), then the supplementary “netLibrary_I_2” file in the “netlibrary” directory. If it’s easier for you to download smaller files, you can instead use the twenty-nine “netlb01.mrc” through “netlb29.mrc” files in the “netLibrary” directory, plus the supplementary “netLibrary_I_2” file in that same directory.
  3. Download the files for the second collection from the same anonymous FTP site as the first collection. They are in the pub/netlibrary directory, and are named:

    • netLibrary_II_1
    • netLibrary_II_2
    • netLibrary_II_3
  4. Download the files for ninth collection by clicking the “netlib9_full.mrc.express_link” file.

If you require additional assistance downloading eBooks at EBSCOhost MARC records, please submit a comment to GALILEO Support Services using the Contact Us form.


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