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How do I bookmark my favorite GALILEO homepage: Scholar, Library, High School, Teen or Kids?

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How do I bookmark my favorite GALILEO interface? How do I bookmark my favorite GALILEO user view?


GALILEO now offers four interfaces designed for each of the GALILEO user communities: Scholar (academic), Library (public library), High School, and Teen. Each participating GALILEO institution has been assigned one of these interfaces as their default based on their community affiliation. Based on IP or password, the primary GALILEO URL ( will resolve to the default user interface associated with a particular institution. For K12 institutions, the default user interface is High School, as it is not possible to differentiate based on the IP addresses of an individual school at this time. However, an individual school, library, individual computer, or user can bookmark a particular user view as an alternative to the default for their location. While all of the GALILEO pages are bookmarkable, for best results, we suggest manually adding a bookmark or bookmarks to your favorite user view as follows:

  • Scholar:
  • Library:
  • High School:
  • Teen:
  • Kids:

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