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How do I create a search box for ProQuest for my library site?

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How do I create a ProQuest search widget?


Institutions that purchase ProQuest resources can add a search box or widget to their library site. ProQuest offers a search box builder that will provide the code that can be added to the library website.

To access the ProQuest search box builder,

  1. Log in to the ProQuest platform

  2. Log in to your My Research account (you will need to create a free My Research account if you have not already)

  3. Click in the Widgets tab in your My Research account

  4. Choose the setting you prefer on the Widget layout tab

  5. Choose the databases you want to be searched on the Widget setup tab.

  6. On the widget setup tab, click the Proxies and accounts link

  7. In the authentication method dropdown menu, choose Proxy

  8. The field for your proxy server URL should already be filled in. (If not, contact us for assistance.)

  9. Then, click the Update button to add the proxy into the widget code.

  10. Click Get Widget to get the code that you will place into your library site.

Find more detailed information in ProQuest’s information on Creating Search Widgets.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.


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Last Updated: Fri, February 27, 2015 - 11:00:53