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How do I find information about new and deleted titles in Films on Demand?

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How do I find out if a film I was using in my course from Films on Demand was deleted?
How do i find out of a film I was using for a project/paper was deleted?


Films on Demand conducts a nightly content update process during which new videos are added to its platforms. New titles are added almost daily.

Information on the newest added content can be found in the administration portal of Films on Demand. The screen below shows an example:


Films on Demand removes films when producers decide to remove their content. Titles are removed twice yearly:


email notifications are sent to every Films on Demand account at approximately 6 weeks prior to content removal, then again at approximately 2 weeks prior to removal. Once the titles are removed, a third message is sent with a MARC record delete file.

If you do not receive these notifications, please contact GALILEO Support to request the list of removed titles/MARC record delete file.


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