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How do I insert Films on Demand videos into my Brightspace (D2L) course?


For institutions that have added the Films on Demand integration to Brightspace (D2L), instructors are able to search Films on Demand from within D2L and embed videos into courses using the Insert Stuff button.

1) In a course module, click on New > Create a File and then click the Insert Stuff button.

Insert Stuff

2) Choose Films on Demand from the Insert Stuff menu

Choose Films on Demand

3) Search Films on Demand for a keyword of your choice

Search Films on Demand

4) From the search results screen, click the Embed button beside the video of your choice

Embed Search Result

5) Once you see the video thumbnail, click the Insert button


6) Then click Publish to add to your course


If you don’t see this option in your Brightspace (D2L) course, please check with your primary campus administrator. If your institution has not turned on this option, your primary campus administrator can put in a request through the ITS Help Desk at or 1-888-875-3697.


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