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How do I update the GALILEO toolbar?


To see updates to the toolbar in Chrome:

Chrome extensions will automatically update on it’s own, but to manually update, follow these steps: 1. Click on three-vertical dots to the right of the toolbar icon. 2. Click on “Settings” 3. Click on “Extensions” 4. Check the “Developer mode” checkbox at the top of the page 5. Click the “Update Extensions now” button 6. When it is finished installing the updates, you will need to restart your browser

To see updates in Firefox:

  1. Click on the hamburger icon on the top-right (three horizontal lines)
  2. Click on “Add-ons”
  3. Click on Extensions in the top-right of the Add-ons window
  4. Click the cog icon at the top and select “Check for Updates” (if you wish for Firefox to automatically download updates select “Update Add-ons Automatically”)
  5. Click Install Updates
  6. Restart Firefox

For further information, see other GALILEO Toolbar FAQs.

If you have additional questions, please us the GALILEO Contact Us form.


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