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How do I use the EBSCOhost search box widget?


EBSCOhost has a new feature called the “EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit.” Libraries can use the EBSCO integration tools to create links, searchboxes, RSS feeds and other links to EBSCO content to place on their own library’s website.

GALILEO Support Services can assist with the configuration of these widgets on request. Key settings for the search box builder include:

  • Find your GALILEO institution code on the bottom of the “Contact Us” form: Institution: #### (name-consortia)
  • Plug the code into the following URL in the bracketed section: http://proxygsu-[your GALILEO site code]
  • Paste into the proxy prefix box. Do not select any other options.
  • Or, find your GALILEO site code and complete proxy prefix in any persistent URL in any record in EBSCO. Copy and paste the proxy URL into the proxy prefix box.

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