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What are cookies?

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Does GALILEO collect any private information? Does my browser need to accept cookies in order to use GALILEO?


Cookies are small packets of information that are sent to your computer when you access certain websites. They help websites remember specific information about your visit to their site, such as webpage preferences and shopping cart information. GALILEO does use cookies, but they are not used to gather personal information or track users’ activities; they are used only to support authentication and navigation. All GALILEO cookies are discarded each time you close your browser. Cookies originating from database vendors’ sites may have other characteristics, and they are not controlled by the GALILEO system.

Many GALILEO databases require that your browser’s privacy settings be set to accept both first- and third-party cookies. The most common technical problem that results from not accepting first- and third-party cookies is the presentation of a username and password prompt when trying to access a database.

See the GALILEO Configuration Instructions for more information on configuring your browser to accept first- and third-party cookies.


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Last Updated: Fri, January 15, 2010 - 9:38:30