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What are the possible technical problems with the GALILEO toolbar?

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I see Full Text Finder/SFX icons appear in Google searches, but why don’t I see any results in EBSCO?


Embedded Cues

I see Full Text Finder/SFX icons (full text finder logo) appear in Google searches, but why don’t I see any results?
The embedded cues (small Full Text Finder/SFX icons that appear in a Google search or in Amazon and other sites) allow users to also search GALILEO Discover for their search terms. Generally, this feature works better if the search term is text or the ISSN of a journal available through GALILEO Discover, but other standard numbers, such as an ISBN, may not return any results if information related to that number is not available in GALILEO Discover.

For further information, see other GALILEO Toolbar FAQs.

If you have additional questions or need to report additional problems, please us the GALILEO Contact Us form.


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