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What can I do in GALILEO?


In GALILEO, the sky is the limit! Whether you are a graduate student or a preschooler, a life-long learner, or a k-12 teacher, GALILEO has something for you.

GALILEO offers users access to hundreds of “paid for” resources where a user can search for information and articles on thousands of topics. Here are just a few of the things you can do in GALILEO:

  1. Search for information and articles on any given topic.
  2. Browse magazines and journals of interest.
  3. Trace your family tree.
  4. Read a civil war diary.
  5. Browse through thousands of historical Georgia photographs.
  6. Learn about a prescription drug or a new exercise plan.
  7. Read an e-book.
  8. Search for books from your local public library or college/university library.
  9. Browse a newspaper.
  10. Find a recipe.

If you need help locating a resource within GALILEO that will fill your information need, see this FAQ on choosing databases in GALILEO


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