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What is an Express Link?

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How do I put a link to a GALILEO database on my website? How do I bookmark a GALILEO database?


You can place links to specific GALILEO databases on your website or in your browser by using the GALILEO Express Links feature. Express Links are URLs that point directly to individual databases or lists of databases within GALILEO, bypassing the GALILEO homepage and opening directly in the particular resource search page or on the list of databases.

There are several different ways of capturing and creating custom Express Links.

  1. Capture Express Links to individual databases by right clicking on the database name within any database list in GALILEO. Depending on your browser, either copy the link location, copy shortcut, or add the bookmark to your browser’s bookmark collection.

  2. Capture links to any database menu (subject or format category, etc…) by bookmarking the URL that displays in the location bar or copying the link location.

  3. Create custom Express Links from the Express Links page within the Databases A-Z main tab.

* Select “Databases A-Z tab” from the GALILEO homepage. * Select “Express Links” from the left navigation bar. * Build your own custom Express Links by checking boxes next to database names. The link will build within the blue rectangular box. A custom Express Link will take you to a page that contains a list of all of the databases that you have selected from the list. 4. Download all Express Links for your institution from the Express Links page. * Select “Databases A-Z tab” from the GALILEO homepage. * Select “Express Links” from the left navigation bar. * Select “Download all links for your institution (CSV).”

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