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When I click “Log in by IP as [Public Library Name],” how does GALILEO know what public appears?


When you access GALILEO from home, we try to determine what institution you might be affiliated with. We do this by looking at your computer’s IP (Internet) address. If your IP address matches one that we have on file, we will log you in to GALILEO as the institution that matches your IP address in our records.

If your IP does not match up with a particular institution in our records, we next try to determine if your IP is associated with a city in the state of Georgia. If there is a match, we will log you in to GALILEO as the public library system of that city.

Since the IP address of your computer is supplied by your Internet Service Provider, it is possible that you will be logged in to GALILEO as a public library system that does not serve your home city. For example, you may live in Carrollton, GA, but the IP address of your computer is associated with your Internet Service Provider’s server in Gwinnett, GA. In this situation, you would be logged in to GALILEO not as West Georgia Regional Library but as Gwinnett County Public Library.

Please note that the login via IP feature will not work for all home users. Some Internet Service Providers serve the state of Georgia, but their servers are located outside of the state. In these instances, your IP address would not be affiliated with a city in Georgia, and we would have no way of knowing who to log you in as.

If we are unable to log you in via IP address, you can still access GALILEO from home using your current GALILEO password, through PINES with your PINES id/pw, or as a Guest. Please see this FAQ for information on getting your current GALILEO password.


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Last Updated: Fri, January 15, 2010 - 9:49:05