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When will I be able to customize the Discovery search?

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When will I be able to add my library’s logo to the discovery search? When will we be able to customize the choices available in the discovery search? Can we change the labels on the search options in the discovery search? Can we change the links or other choices in the discovery search?


Customization of the discovery search will require coordination and training from GALILEO. The localization phase is currently in progress. If your institution is interested in customizing the discovery experience, please contact GALILEO staff.

  • Customization opportunities made available to USG, TCSG, AMPALS, GPALS, GISA, regional public library systems, and K12 school systems
  • EDS is administered through the EBSCO administrative interface by GALILEO for the GALILEO consortia. However, individual libraries can also share administrative access. Procedures and policies are being developed to address how to share administration, both preventing disruption of the GALILEO service and providing opportunities for libraries to localize.
  • Key considerations for libraries include required branding (GALILEO@YourInstitution), library staff resources for managing customizations, shared administrative access with GALILEO staff, training, and implementation processes
  • EDS offers a limited set of pre-defined interface customization options, including:

    • Position and size of GALILEO@YourInstitution logo on various screens
    • Position and URL’s of links on the toolbar/header
    • Interface colors
    • Widgets for instant messaging, Ask-a-Librarian, external dynamic results (images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, or results from Google Books), links to frequently-used content sources, such as LibGuides, or custom messages or other text, such as Library hours or upcoming events
  • EDS offers other customization choices related to inclusion of indexed catalogs and collections, default search options, and presentation of results


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