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When will my library’s catalog be included in the Discovery search?

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Is my library’s catalog included in the discovery search? Is the GIL UC included in the discovery search? What if I want to include another library’s catalog in the discovery search?


Library catalogs can be included in search results. The schedule will vary per library; see the Detailed Timeline for additional information on scheduling.

Discover GALILEO can include the USG GIL Universal Catalog, the USG individual GIL catalogs, PINES and other public library catalogs, the TCSG catalogs, the Digital Library of Georgia, and other unique digital collections hosted by GALILEO and Georgia institutions. The library catalogs of other participating institutions could also be included, pending the development of the overall catalog process and pricing for those libraries.

Adding library catalogs into Discovery is complex, including harvesting/exporting of bibliographic records on a regular basis, mapping location and holdings information for use in search results and real-time-availability (RTA) display, and configuring the search results to best handle how different types of content should be appear. Once a library catalog has been loaded into EDS, other libraries could elect to include that catalog in their search results.


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