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Why do I get a message telling me that a field is invalid when I try to save a GLRI record?


When you save a GLRI record, the GLRI system will check to see if there any characters that are not plain text (or ASCII characters), such as accent marks, trademark symbols, and others. These special characters need an HTML entity in order to display properly in all browsers.

If a character in your text needs to be replaced with an HTML entity, the GLRI system will provide a notification that indicates which field (e.g., Description, Short Description, etc.) is invalid and which characters need an HTML entity (e.g., trademark symbols, umlauts, accents, etc.). You will need to replace these characters with the correct HTML entities for the special characters (e.g., ™ for a trademark symbol, ü for u with an umlaut, í for i with an accent, etc.). Here is a list of the codes for special characters.

For example, if the text should say Fuente Académica, you will need to insert the HTML entity é for the letter e with an accent, i.e., Fuente Académica should be typed in the GLRI record’s text field. For Encyclopædia Britannica, you would need to insert the HTML entity æ for the æ character, i.e., Encyclopædia Britannica.

Tip: You may see notifications for apostrophes, quotation marks, and dashes if they were copied and pasted from a website or from a word processing document (most notably MS Word). You don’t need an HTML entity for these characters. Simply retype the character in the GLRI record, and this will insert the proper ASCII character in the field.

If you have any questions or need assistance determining the HTML entity to use, please Contact Us.


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