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Why do I get a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error message when accessing GALILEO?


If you are encountering a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error message when trying to access GALILEO, the problem may be related to a corrupted DNS cache on your local DNS Server caused by network routing problems at your local ISP.


  1. Try accessing GALILEO at
  2. Try accessing the University of Georgia website at
  3. If you get the same error message from both sites, the problem is likely a known issue with DNS caching-behavior of the MicroSoft Windows DNS server. Please contact your campus or ISP network support and provide the following information.

Background and Temporary Solution for DNS-Related GALILEO Access Problem:

Users at some sites that use the Microsoft Windows DNS server have reported intermittent problems accessing GALILEO. Troubleshooting with network staff has determined that flushing the cache on the local Microsoft DNS Server will correct the problem immediately. The root cause is related to the routing protocols in use at some Internet Service Providers. Since a permanent solution to this problem is not available at this time, some schools have initiated cron jobs on their Microsoft DNS Servers that clear the cache throughout the day to alleviate problems.

This problem has been reported by a number of Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) technical colleges as well as some other institutions. The sites that have experienced the problems have had to work with their ISPs to address the network routing problems. The TCSG technical colleges have been working with the TCSG Central Office and the Georgia Technical Authority (GTA) to determine a solution.


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