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Why is GALILEO asking me to log in as another institution?

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Why is GALILEO asking me for another institution’s password?


GALILEO asks for a particular institution’s password when someone is coming from a proxied link. Because the proxy links are usually unique to an institution, the GALILEO system expects that institution’s password.

Zotero, the citation add-on for the Firefox brower, saves proxy links to make it easier for users to access their institution’s resources. However, because Zotero is set to save a proxy link by default, it may save proxy links for multiple institutions.

Removing an incorrect proxy in Firefox:

  • Go to Tools > Add-ons (If you don’t see the Tools link at the top, click the orange Firefox button in the upper left and then choose Options > Options.)
  • Make sure the extensions section is selected
  • Scroll down to Zotero
  • Highlight Zotero to edit the add-on
  • Click the Options button to edit options
  • In the Zotero Preferences window, click the Proxies section
  • Make sure “Automatically remember proxied resources” is not checked
  • Remove the incorrect proxy URL if it’s listed in that box
  • Click OK to save those settings

If you have questions or need assistance with doing this, please submit a comment to GALILEO staff through the Contact Us form.


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Last Updated: Wed, June 27, 2012 - 7:55:39