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Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Searching of All GALILEO Resources and More

Announcing Discover GALILEO, a new way to search and retrieve content from GALILEO’s hundred+ databases, digital collections, and beyond, including print materials found only in library collections. Discover GALILEO provides a single search of all of these materials and more, combining the ease and speed of a popular Internet search engine with the quality and organization of content that only a library can provide. Powered by EBSCO Discovery Service, Discover GALILEO offers a comprehensive set of research tools, including a personal research folder that allows users to easily save, cite, retrieve, and link to content.

Today’s library users are accustomed to self-guided research using Internet search engines that can offer fast answers to simple questions. However, the content that is provided is often of dubious origin or authority and is typically not adequate for educational and research purposes. When the GALILEO federated search tool was implemented back in 2005, it represented the best possible technology to help libraries present a “Google-like” user experience in order to search across the wealth of quality content that is provided by GALILEO to users. Now a new, vastly improved, search technology known as a “discovery service” has become available from multiple library software vendors; GALILEO’s evolution and relevance is dependent on upgrading the existing federated search to discovery.

The EBSCO Discovery Service was selected by the GALILEO Steering Committee through a process that included a Discovery Tools review committee, which worked from 2010 to 2012; institutional and pilot implementations in which GALILEO worked with various products in collaboration with individual libraries; and information sessions for participating libraries. As the products are subscription-based, GALILEO was able to select the product most feasible for implementation and support in the GALILEO environment in 2012-13, while maintaining flexibility to consider other products as they evolve over time.


  1. Replacement of federated search tool in GALILEO interface (October 1, 2012 - Complete).
  2. Search boxes available for use on library websites (November 20, 2012 - Complete)
  3. Library catalogs included in search results (See Schedule)
  4. Library localization (See Schedule)
  5. Full Text Finder (formerly EBSCO AZ and LinkSource) (Release date of June 15, 2016)

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