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GALILEO Exceptions List for Proxy Servers and Filtering/Security Software

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Below is a list of domain names, host names, machine names, and aliases that occur within the GALILEO system. By preventing the addresses in this list from being blocked, cached, or otherwise affected by your proxy server, filtering software, or security software, you will ensure full GALILEO access for your institution’s users. It may also be necessary to change browser security and privacy settings for access to some resources; see GALILEO’s Computer Configuration Instructions for more information.

For resources hosted on GALILEO’s own servers, the list includes all addresses a GALILEO user might access. For database vendors, the list includes both host and domain names. When available, this information was taken from vendor technical support sites. If no information was found on vendor sites, host and domain names were gathered through accessing the resources and documenting the URLs. It is possible that the list does not include all of the domain and host names associated with a vendor. If you are encountering a particular problem with a resource, please Contact Us for assistance in troubleshooting the problem.

You will need to consult your software documentation to learn how to best utilize the URLs, domains, hosts, and aliases. If your software requires the IP addresses for any of the servers or sites below, please Contact Us for a list of IP addresses.

Please note that this list includes the vendor databases available to all of GALILEO’s participating communities; some of the resources in the list may not be part of your institution’s GALILEO resources. The list does not include the free websites available in some sections of GALILEO. If you need more information about this list, please contact GALILEO Support Services through the GALILEO Contact Us form, or send e-mail to

Campus Firewalls

If you have SSL restrictions on your campus firewall, please note that you will need to remove these in order for Discover GALILEO to work. Users on campuses with SSL restrictions will see an Authentication Error Code 108 when trying to search Discover GALILEO.

Also, if your campus firewall is hosted on your campus, GALILEO staff will need to add the firewall IP as part of your campus IP ranges in the GALILEO system and with GALILEO vendors. Please contact us to add your campus firewall IP.

GALILEO Servers and Aliases

Database vendors’ domain and host names

Ancestry Library Edition / HeritageQuest (ProQuest):

Chadwyck-Healey (ProQuest):

eBook Central (ProQuest):

EBSCO and EBSCOhost:

For additional information go here.

Encyclopaedia Britannica:

38.100.103.* 64.124.231.* 208.185.238.* 38.69.46.* 38.69.47.*

Read Aloud functionality: Port 8080 must be open in order for the Read Aloud feature to function properly.

Films on Demand:

Ports: * 21 * 22 * 80 * 443 * 1935

Gale Cengage Learning:

The following IP ranges should be included in your exception list for accessing Gale.

HeritageQuest (ProQuest):

LearningExpress Library


LibX (GALILEO Toolbar):

Mango Languages:


Oxford University Press Online:


SIRS (ProQuest):



WorldCat Discovery (OCLC FirstSearch):