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  • GALILEO Celebrates 20 Years GALILEO Celebrates 20 Years
    2015 video commemorates the 20-year anniversary with a look at GALILEO's impact from the early days in 1995 to the present
  • Original GALILEO Video, 1997 Original GALILEO Video, 1997
    Fashions in clothing and computers have changed, the interface is more up-to-date, but much remains the same about GALILEO today: a reliable, authoritative source of thousands of journals, magazines, encyclopedias, and more.
  • GALILEO Behind the Scenes GALILEO Behind the Scenes
    A brief look at the technology decisions underlying the GALILEO website.
  • GALILEO Tutorial
    This tutorial from the OLLC walks you through GALILEO. What it is, what’s in it, how to navigate it and how to search it to find what you need.

  • Online Library Learning Center (OLLC)
    A series of self-paced tutorials guiding the user through the steps in doing a research project. The OLLC was designed for use as a bibliographic instruction unit for University System of Georgia students.